What we can learn from Lil Peep

Nancy Roars
3 min readMar 17, 2020

Whether you are a fan or not of Lil Peep’s music, anybody and everybody can find something to learn from his life regardless of the type of person you are.

The documentary Everybody’s Everything depicts Gustav Elijah Ahr’s musical journey and personal life up to his passing. It helps better understand what kind of person he was outside of the digital screens and spotlight persona he was known for. I unfortunately did not know him personally but from being a fan of his music for a couple of years now and watching the documentary these are the lessons I gathered.

Below is a link to the documentarie’s trailer for a brief summary.


1) Be yourself, and always keep it real

Lil peep was a selfless human. He gave his time and energy to create his art . The art that so many people love and listen to was his haven, a platform where he poured out his soul into. He spoke of emotions in his music some of us don’t easily open up about. His rawness was what made people gravitate and connect towards him. Whether it was his true self form that made people genuinely like or dislike him, he was true to who he was regardless of what people had to say about him. He expressed his happiness and sadness clearly.

2) Self expression

Lil peep not only expressed himself freely lyrically but he was also known for his unique physical appearance. He stood out from the crowd, why? Because he wore and looked as he pleased regardless of what was thought or spoken about him. In the documentary it was mentioned how he covered himself in tattoos because he did not want a normal job, thus breaking society norms. His crybaby tattoo located on his upper right brow was very apparent even some of his friends who follow a similar fashion and life style thought it was a bit to much. The meaning of the tattoo though was a reminder to feel blessed for what you have in life and not be a crybaby. Regardless, Lil Peep was ahead of his time and started a self expression trend I would say. The world can be a harsh place but always remind yourself to be strong and thankful for what you do have.

Seize the day

Lil peep accepted death and lived by the day. He worked on what he was passionate about and kept doing what he loved regardless of what people thought about. His self expression and lifestyle was a result of his carpe diem. We all will die one day, it is unknown when exactly but because of this reason, appreciate each day and don’t hold back on pursuing your passions and expressing your feelings in a healthy form. Lil peep has a song called , The way I see things” in which the lyrics proceed as the following:

“I got a feelin' that I’m not gonna be here for next year
So, let’s laugh a little before I’m gone”

Even in dark thoughts and emotions there is room for a bit of happiness. Lil peep reminds us to smile.

Why so serious?

Despite Gustav’s emotional lyrics he did make room for sillyness. Life is serious but why be serious all the time? In the documentary, Everybody’s Everything close family and friends express how he was a goofball and did not come off as under the weather. Even as a child you could see his playfulness through his silly faces to make those around him smile. He kept this trait till early adulthood.

Stay humble

Despite Lil peep’s success he remained to be the same person in my opinion. He wasn’t flamboyant. He cared about those he knew and continued to be himself through his art. Although he had gained a high platform he still wanted to help his musical friends by sharing with them a stage presence. Success changes people but it certainly did not change Lil peep’s humble behavior towards the people he cared about, and appreciated.

Please feel free to comment and give your thoughts about the lessons I gathered whether you agree or would like to correct me. I am just here to express my admiration towards Gustav, otherwise known as Lil Peep and hope that anybody can take away food for thought from this.



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